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u wonna fite m8
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I'll Be Gone by 0Abarai0
I'll Be Gone
"When the lights go out and we open our eyes,
Out there in the silence I'll be gone,
I'll be gone!"

Sort of a follow-up to this.

Renji is such a badass now it physically hurts me somehow.
Everything he's done in the chapters following his fight with Mask de Masculine is just awesome.
Leading the group to the enemy, calling the shots though he needn't say them - all thinking the same thing, for the good of Soul Society. Who let him in charge? Byakuya was right there!

He's the best at it, too. Looking on with such dark eyes and a firm stance, spouting demands at the opponent and ordering their asses aside - before he cuts 'em a new one.

Renji: You say that, and never roleplay me correctly...

"Tell me I am the only one... And there's nothing that could stop me!"
Bleach © Tite Kubo
Poochyena Preset Test by 0Abarai0
Poochyena Preset Test
Heyyy lookie what we got here!

This is a test! I'd appreciate your cooperation and feedback, eve~ryone~
I want to know what everyone thinks of this and whether I should add textures or if it's fine the way it is.

Download here!
Please give feedback! I'd appreciate it!

Pokemon © gamefreak
FeralHeart © KovuLKD
Get That Out Of My Face!! by 0Abarai0
Get That Out Of My Face!!
I like to imagine this happens pretty much on a daily basis.
Aah, Kururu and Giroro... the most incompetent pair.

You two... it's so hard to choose a favorite.....

I still can't draw them properly!?!

Keroro Gunso © Mine Yoshizaki
I Made a Mess by 0Abarai0
I Made a Mess
"I made a mess! Oops-FUckInG--sie!!~

Alt title: Holy Shit Dusk Drew A Gun
This is like my first proper art of 2015. This is going to be one of those years, isn't it...

Scourge! Bby, it's been a while!

You know, if you look at Graverobber, Make Some Noise! and then this, it's the story of a man who got arrested for being involved with prostitution or drug dealing and then went trigger-happy upon getting free. I didn't intend for it.... maybe.

That being said, I can't see Scourge with a gun. At least, not one like this.
I can see him wanting to man a Gatling gun or a tank just to see how it feels... but I'm sure Scourgie would rather sink his knuckles into the enemy's battered flesh - not mow them down into little itty-bitty pieces of meat without much effort.

Scourge © Archie/SEGA


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Nicole Levers
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SonicFanGirl1122 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
which character(s) do you think fit this:…

including ocs :D
0Abarai0 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm... Might be because I just watched Sonic Boom, but maybe Scourge The Hedgehog?
Fits pretty well... I. I think? XD
SonicFanGirl1122 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess
0Abarai0 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Why do you ask? XD
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